P.R.I.T. AE-Box and other sampling sources

Use of the P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube allows collection of test atmospheres from almost any source, as long as it is under ambient pressure. The technology is thus perfectly ubiquitous to use.

Typical sources for testing of airborne substances are:

  • Chemical gases from liquid or pressure gas containers
    Using a laboratory setup, it is possible to generate controlled dilutions of gases to be fed into the in-vitro exposure system as test atmosphere.
    An important requirement is to verify the actual concentration of the test gas by means of appropriate physical or chemical methods.

  • Vapors from volatile liquids (e.g. VOCs, volatile organic compounds)
    In a laboratory setup, the substances are evaporated and fed into the test system in their gaseous phase for the investigation.
    Here again, analytical quantification of the test gas concentration is important for proper dosimetry.

  • Aerosols from spray applications
    Soluble substances can be transformed into aerosols (droplet aerosols) by different nebulizing techniques and can then either be dried to form dry aerosols or can be directly applied as liquid aerosols. For aerosol testing, special nebulizers (e.g. those relevant for the product to be tested) or devices for general usage (e.g. Aeroneb®) can be used. The P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube technology enables effective contact with the cellular test system.
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Product specific aerosol generation with the P.R.I.T.® AE-Box
  • Particulate aerosols
    Using methods according to the current state of scientific knowledge, particulate test items can be dispersed in air to form particulate aerosols, which can subsequently be used as test atmospheres. The experimental setup must be adjusted to the specific physical requirements of the particles under investigation (e.g. particle size).

  • Smoke aerosols
    The P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube technology can be connected to the most different sources of combustion technology (e.g. flows of exhaust air or exhaust gas). In the laboratory, an automated cigarette smoking machine can also be easily connected, for example to investigate relevant pathological alterations in tissues exposed to model smokes.

  • Product-specific aerosol generation
    A special option is available thanks to the P.R.I.T.® AE-Box. This box enables manual generation of product-relevant aerosols in the laboratory, for example as created during use of cosmetic products on test items (e.g. hair) or application of consumer products under heat conditions. The test aerosol thus generated under real-life conditions can then easily be fed into the test system for investigation.