The innovative and patented P.R.I.T.® technologies enable the use of cell cultures and tissues as air-lifted interface for testing (cellular alterations) of inhalable substances from the most different sources under appropriate conditions according to the current state of scientific knowledge.

The core of the methods we use for testing of airborne substances consists in alternative in-vitro methods based on  the patented P.R.I.T.® technologies.

The philosophy behind these technologies comprises development of innovative and powerful, device-based methods that should be easy to use and based on the current state of scientific knowledge.

For exposure of cells and ex vivo materials such as precision-cut lung slices (PCLuS), we use P.R.I.T.® ExpoCubes® and additional system components, for example to control processes (P.R.I.T.® ControlUnit) or generate test aerosols (P.R.I.T.® AE-Box).