Application Areas

There is a broad range of application areas for the testing of airborne substances by means of alternative in-vitro methods. Since test atmospheres can be collected from the most different sources (P.R.I.T.® AE-Box and other sampling sources), studies on a broad range of topics and materials are possible:

  • Environmentally relevant atmospheres and mixtures
  • Occupationally relevant situations
  • Product-specific issues, such as release of aerosols from consumer products such as cosmetics or cleaner
  • Worst-case scenarios such as of airborne pollutants being released as a result of accidents  or process failure situations
  • Chemical gases
  • Volatile substances and mixtures
  • Pharmaceutical products for inhalation administration
  • Cosmetic products

Our comprehensive scientific team is ready to support you by adapting the technology to your specific problems and requirements. Whenever needed, all relevant subject areas can be covered: from the theoretic elaboration of fluid dynamics aspects by means of CFD simulations, via the design and performance of studies, to the assessment of results for regulatory purposes (see Expertise).