We offer a comprehensive portfolio of methods and expertise for the design, development, and performance of any investigations in the context of biological effects of airborne substances in vitro.

We offer you our expertise and services for any issue in the context of airborne substance testing by means of alternative in-vitro methods.

  • Development or customization of methods and processes for specific problems and requirements.
    We can adapt our technology to your specific requirements or add other components or process steps to our methods, to provide a solution to your problem. The newly developed or adapted method can then either be put to use by our experts or, as the result of the commissioned development work, can be handed over to your own laboratories for further use.

    Supplementary to this, but also as a self-contained event, we offer customized Workshops and Trainings to our clients focusing any techniques and lab procedures in the field of testing airborne substances by cell-based in vitro methods.

  • Performance of studies and analyses of the most different kinds in the context of inhalable substances.
    We can perform studies that will help you answer your questions. Different kinds of studies can be offered, from feasibility studies (proof of concept/proof of principle) to studies that will lead to regulatory assessment at a later stage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to send you a quotation for your specific problem.